Hey, nerds, my name is Harvey Moreno and I am a writer & cartoonist as well as the owner of the brick and mortar shop The Multiverse Comics, Collectibles, & Games. I have been a fan of Spider-Man since picking up a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #344 in 1991 from the magazine rack at our local Lucky’s grocery store in Moreno Valley, California. This probably explains why I’m such a big fan of Cardiac as well lol.

The Radioactive Love Podcast is an issue-by-issue expression of my love for The Amazing Spider-Man! Kicking off Tuesday, January 15th, 2019, my weekly podcast will cover each issue of Amazing Spider-Man beginning with Amazing Fantasy #15. While it can take some time to get into the meatier bits, the general focus of this podcast will be on the relationships that Peter Parker forges with the people in his lives (both positive and negative).